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  • Winafy Syncs with your sportsbook accounts
  • Monitor all of your bets in one place
  • All sports and bet types, including parlays tracked
  • Automated graphs, analytics, reports
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Sharps are talkin' about Winafy

Just took a tour of @Winafy. If used correctly the information can make you a much smarter sports bettor. Really impressed. @MeltzVegas
Not affiliated- just simply stating that @Winafy is going to change sports betting and documentation. Try it out! @CapperUNI
I just took a tour of @Winafy. This is going to be a must for any gambler. #deadserious #boutstoblowup @GILmo574
I don't give plugs often or even #FF etc. but I really think this is going to change things going forward for serious bettors. @SportsCheetah
MLB from 4/9/14-5/9/14 +10 units. These numbers are all from @Winafy and are tracked without any input. One of the hidden gems of Winafy is the export to CSV from your wager details page. @Number_Runner
Started using @Winafy this week. Its pretty cool. Looking forward to using it for the opening round of the tournament. @Spreadapedia
What's unique about Winafy is that the system tracks a single punter's betting activity across all sports books and local betting options, providing instant analytics and insight into their wagering behavior. CalvinAyre.com

Why you will love Winafy

Effortless Tracking

Track all of your action across the most popular books automatically. Winafy syncs with your accounts!

Smart Analytics

Analyze your activity by sport, bet type, spread/line, over time and more with reports that save you time and money!


Tweet your wins, weekly/monthly units won, with visual proof right from the platform.

Safe & Secure

Winafy uses the same 256-bit encryption banks use. Our practices are closely monitored by VeriSign, TRUSTe, and McAfee

Track. Analyze. Win.

Analyze performance by sport, bet type, and even custom query your bet history to identify trends.

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